1. What is the application deadline for the Australia Program?

Applications will close on 31 August, 2022. Late applications are not accepted. Please plan for this accordingly, particularly when asking references to fill out the Letter of Recommendation.

2.  How do I apply?

Applications will open on 1 July 2022. The application process includes an application form, a letter of recommendation, and a personal statement.

Read more about the application process on the Applications page.

3. What research projects are available?

Please see here for available research projects. Please note these are subject to change. Research projects are available in a variety of fields, and change on a yearly basis depending on what is available.

4. Can I apply for the Amgen Scholars Program if I’ve already finished my undergraduate degree?

No. Amgen Scholars must have at least one year left of their degree (FTE). This does not include Honours (i.e. if you only have Honours semesters left, you are not eligible for the program). If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact amgen-scholars@unimelb.edu.au.

5. Do I need to have previously attended the University of Melbourne to apply to the Amgen Scholars Program?

No. You don’t need to be from the University of Melbourne but to be eligible you must be enrolled as a student at an accredited college or university from across the Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. Foreign nationals need to have work and study rights in Australia to participate in this program.

6. What about housing, food and travel expenses to and from the summer program in Australia?

Financial support is available to all students accepted to the Amgen Scholars Program. Financial support will cover travel, accommodation and associated costs and will be confirmed once successfully admitted to the program.

Amgen Scholars receive the following benefits:

  • Stipend paid in two sums, up to $3600
  • All accommodation and meals provided at Queen’s College
  • Travel Costs including flights and public transport to and from campus
  • Additional Benefits include access to athletic and recreational facilities, on campus activities, excursions to other scientific facilities, and weekly lectures.

7. Can I apply to participate in the Amgen Scholars Program in Australia if I am not a science or engineering major?

Yes. Students in any major may apply, although it is expected that most of the Amgen Scholars will have science, life science or engineering majors. Students are expected to have experience in a discipline appropriate to the research project they participate in, with approval from their research lab.

8. Do I need to have research experience prior to being admitted to the Program?

No. The Amgen Scholars Program encourages applications from both students experienced in research and newcomers to the field. We encourage applications from students attending universities where research opportunities are not available.

9. I’ve experienced personal or financial difficulties that mean my study/grades have been affected. Will I be able to share this in my application?

Yes, we encourage applications from students who may come from difficult circumstances. This will be taken into consideration.

10. Can I participate as an Amgen Scholar for more than one summer?

No. Students are invited to participate as an Amgen Scholar for one summer only. This ensures that the largest possible number of students get to experience the program.

11. Can I apply to participate as an Amgen Scholar at multiple institutions?

Yes. The Asia Program is open to undergraduates worldwide, so students eligible to apply to the Australian Program may be eligible to apply for the Asia Program as well. You will need to apply directly to each institution. However, you may not attend more than one Amgen Scholars Program.

12. What if I was a mid-year entry to my degree and therefore will only have 1.5 years of my degree completed at the time of the program?

Apply anyway! We take mid year entry into consideration. As long as you still have 1 year FTE left of credits in your program, and have completed at least 1 year of FTE completed, you are eligible for the program.