Accommodation, pastoral care, dining and extracurricular activities are provided for the duration of the program at the historic Queen’s College, located on College Crescent next to the University of Melbourne.

Queen’s is one of Melbourne University’s larger colleges, featuring beautiful student spaces set in landscaped gardens. Facilities include the fully furnished student rooms, numerous studio and rehearsal spaces, a spacious library, and the Eakins Dining Hall. Scholars are provided with a private room for the duration of the program.

The College is perfectly located, a quick tram-ride away from the centre of Melbourne and a few minutes’ walk from the popular restaurants and shops of Lygon Street Carlton.

Throughout the program, Amgen Scholars Program participants can use some of the wonderful facilities Queen’s College has to offer while being close to their research laboratory. Fortnightly seminars are run throughout the program, facilitated at Queen’s.

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Two students sit at a desk in the library and study.

Questions about the accommodation and facilities provided through Queen’s College should be directed to